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NDIS Support Coordination Services Providers in Melbourne

Are you using the NDIS support program for the first time? Do you need help with finding the right service providers and support for your plan? An NDIS support coordinator can help you accomplish all that and more.

Ability Track is a registered NDIS provider offering support services to participants in Melbourne. This includes NDIS support coordination to help people with disabilities make the most of their plans. While the NDIS may provide assistance to all participants, you still need to develop an effective plan that meets all your support requirements for maximum benefit. This is what our support coordinators can help you with.

Our Support Coordination Services: What Do They Include?

The right support coordination will make your whole plan a success. You will be able to improve your quality of life and achieve your objectives. Our support coordination services have been designed to improve the accessibility and experience of every participant who is a part of the NDIS program.

NDIS support coordination will:

  • Build and maintain a support network for participants
  • Help understand NDIS plans and supports in-depth
  • Assist with decision-making and control over NDIS services and supports
  • Help participants connect with the community and service providers
  • Improve the participant’s self-sufficiency and control over plans
  • Empower participants to achieve their personal goals

NDIS Registered Support Coordination

Our NDIS support coordination will make your NDIS plan a success. We have experience in dealing with all types of plans and bring in expert help to ensure a smooth experience. You need not go from pillar to post or perform extensive research on how best to put together an effective plan. Ability Track’s NDIS support coordinators will take care of all that and provide you with the best options that correspond to your unique requirements.

Support coordination usually comes in different levels. They deal with different aspects and ensure that the participant receives the full benefits of the program. The two different levels of support coordination we provide are:

  • Support Coordination Level One: Connection: Level one support involves helping you connect with the community, peer groups and various service providers. This is essential because it allows you to build a support network you can rely on in future. It also presents an opportunity for you to build relationships that may last a lifetime. You are also given an in-depth understanding of your plan which will not only increase confidence but also make it easier to make the most of it.
  • Support Coordination Level Two: Coordination : The second level focuses on helping you coordinate different supports under your plan so that all your needs are satisfactorily met. This includes adding different support services that will improve your ability to maintain existing relationships, exercise greater control over your plans and even live more independently than before. It builds on level-one support and ensures that you have all the means necessary to achieve your goals.

Why Choose Ability Track for NDIS Support Coordination?

Ability Track is a registered NDIS service provider that delivers unmatched support coordination services to participants in Melbourne. Our NDIS support coordinators are well-trained and experienced in providing the right assurance to all our clients. We believe in a hands-on approach and will sit down with the participant before helping them. This allows us to get familiar with their disabilities, the support they require and any personal goals they may wish to achieve. As a result, we can provide them with the proper NDIS support coordination.

We offer:

  • Expert advice and support options for your NDIS plan
  • Individual attention and personalised services
  • Highest level of assistance and care
  • Experienced NDIS service coordinators
  • Specialist support coordination if you require specialised support

If you are looking for professional NDIS support coordinators in Melbourne, reach out to us immediately. You can call us on 03 9120 8880 / 1300 115 110 or write to us at info@abilitytrack.com.au.

How long will it take before support coordination sessions can start?

The process can take a couple of weeks during which our support staff will take the time to discuss your requirements, plans and any other crucial information. If you are eligible, we will allocate a support coordinator who will take care of all your requirements.

Who can access Ability Track’s support coordination services?

Support coordination is an NDIS service available only to NDIS participants. If you are an eligible participant above 18 years, you can choose to include this as part of your NDIS plan. For more information about eligibility details, please get in touch with our support staff.

Are support coordinators and plan managers the same?

No, support coordinators and plan managers are different from each other. Support coordinators help you understand your plan and connect with service providers to achieve your objectives. On the other hand, a plan manager organises your NDIS funding and manages your budget.

How can a support coordinator help with an NDIS Plan Review meeting?

Support coordinators will outline the personalised plan with all the support services required by a participant. This includes assessment reports to illustrate the progress made during the course of the plan as well as any future recommendations.

Support Coordination Level 1

This support is to build your ability to connect with informal, community and funded supports enabling you to get the most out of your plan and pursue your goals.

Support Coordination Level 2

This support will assist you to build the skills you need to understand and use your plan. A support coordinator will work with you to ensure a mix of supports are used to increase your capacity to maintain relationships, manage service delivery tasks, live more independently and be included in your community.


Ability Track acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of the land we are meeting on today. We recognise their continuing connection to the land and waters, and we pay our respects to them, their culture and their Elders past, present and future. We are committed to creating a safe environment for all backgrounds, cultures and abilities.

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