Registered NDIS Service Provider in Springvale

NDIS services provide an innovative way for people with disabilities to live as normally as possible. The different supports available make it easy for participants to live with a greater degree of freedom and control over their lives. This naturally helps them to pursue dreams that would otherwise have been impossible to achieve.

Ability Track is a registered NDIS service provider that provides such services to individuals with disabilities in Springvale. As NDIS disability support providers, we offer specialised support coordination as well as psychosocial recovery support. Our staff is well-trained and experienced in providing assistance with everything NDIS-related, including NDIS planning and fund management. With our help, you will achieve your objectives and get the best out of your plan.

Our NDIS Support Coordination Services

You will get assistance from our NDIS support coordination team in using the allocated funding to create a plan that addresses all your requirements. We will help you get the best value for the NDIS funding that you receive. This ensures that the right decisions regarding your care requirements are made.

Our NDIS support coordinators will:

  • Assist in determining the best supports that meet your requirements and objectives
  • Improve your capability to act autonomously as well as your ability to make and execute choices
  • Conduct negotiations with service providers and create new service agreements
  • Establishing a connection between you and NDIS service providers
  • Facilitate your participation in community and peer groups
  • Coordinate the provision of the support you require
  • Find solutions to issues of contention, grievances, and emergencies
  • Keep you updated on your strategy’s development

The presence of an NDIS support coordinator will greatly put your mind at ease. You can be more independent and use support coordination to help you manage important tasks. The development of lifetime support networks, life skills, and other relationships also becomes possible. Such support is very handy when making a life transition, such as when you begin a new phase of your education, a new job, or a new chapter in your life.

NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coaching: What Does a Recovery Coach Do?

Psychosocial recovery coaching is a support that has been developed primarily to help participants with psychosocial disabilities. It is also available to individuals who require help with their mental well-being. The purpose of this support is to help people with disabilities manage the challenges of daily life.

Individuals who suffer from psychosocial disabilities can regain a greater sense of control with the help of a psychosocial recovery coach. These coaches are trained professionals who have dealt with similar cases in the past or have undergone periods of recovery themselves. As such, they are best equipped to care for participants who require such services.

The process of psychosocial recovery involves laying out a specific plan of action while drawing on the participant’s existing capabilities. In addition to building the self-confidence and skills of the individual, a coach also provides access to necessary support systems and mental healthcare resources. These strategies are also customised to suit the participant’s skills and requirements for the best results.

Any NDIS participant with a psychosocial disability can take advantage of this support program. Furthermore, a psychosocial rehabilitation coach provides three distinct benefits:

  • Participants suffering from psychosocial disabilities can regain control of their lives with careful coaching
  • Individuals diagnosed with a psychosocial disability can give their lives a new purpose and, as a result, experience greater levels of fulfilment
  • People who use this support will experience a better quality of life and contentment

Your Reliable NDIS Disability Service Provider in Springvale

At Ability Track, we believe that every individual deserves to live a fulfilling life regardless of their disability. Accordingly, we have tailored our support to deliver personalised assistance that will not only improve the standard of living but also encourage our clients to become more independent. This way, we help all participants achieve their set goals and even exceed their own expectations.

You will be able to live independently and enjoy being a part of a community with assistance from our seasoned NDIS support coordinators and psychosocial recovery coaches. Rest assured, we will assist ensure that you get the best out of your NDIS plan. Get in contact with us today and learn how we can make a difference in your life. You can call us on 03 9120 8880 / 1300 115 110 or write to us at and discuss your requirements with our team.