NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coaching and Support Services in Rowville

Mental health is an important part of any recovery plan. Recognising its importance, the NDIS offers specialist support coordination to address the mental well-being of its participants. As they are one of the most vulnerable sections, proper support will help them overcome most challenges and promote recovery.

Ability Track is a registered NDIS service provider that offers support coordination, psychosocial recovery coaching, and other programs to participants in Rowville. Our coaches are trained to recognise signs of mental distress and help participants address all these challenges. They are NDIS-funded mental health professionals who will devise practical plans to help with your recovery.

Psychosocial Recovery Support: How it Works

As part of the NDIS program, you can choose a recovery coach to help you with transitions and recovery. Many of these professionals have overcome serious challenges themselves and are best equipped to help you overcome similar issues. With their help, your rehabilitation will be much more comfortable and effective.

A recovery coach from NDIS will spend time with you and the individuals who are essential to you. Once they have become acquainted with your needs, they will be able to render proper help and point you in the direction of available resources for mental health care.

These NDIS-funded coaches can also assist you with finding out the various supports you require to improve your quality of life. In addition to facilitating your access to different services needed to reach your objectives, they also aid in managing the funds allotted to you. You will be in a better place, both mentally and physically, with the help of our psychosocial recovery coaches and support coordinators.

NDIS Support Coordination: What Services Are Included?

Our NDIS Support coordinator essentially helps you plan and use your NDIS funds most effectively. It is crucial if you wish to successfully pursue your goals. Our NDIS Support Coordination services include the following:

  • Specialist Support Coordination for adults and kids
  • Support coordination and psychosocial recovery coaching
  • Initial meetings for discussion and drawing up of your plan
  • Collaboration with other services and NDIS supports
  • Coordinating with suitable professionals and health providers
  • Managing service agreements with providers
  • Connect with family and the community
  • Continuous assistance and support

NDIS Registered Support Coordination: What Are the Different Levels of Support Coordination?

Our NDIS support coordinators in Rowville are trained to provide all levels of support to participants. Depending on the individual’s disabilities, varying levels of support coordination may be required. Ability Track provides the following two levels of support coordination to all NDIS participants in Rowville.

  • Level One: NDIS Support Connection: This support is meant to help you understand the various NDIS supports, connect with the community and NDIS service providers and receive the most benefits from your NDIS plan.
  • Level Two: NDIS Support Coordination: This level focuses on helping a participant improve their standard of living through the integration of various support programs. Our NDIS support coordinators will work with you to:
    • Increase your capacity to achieve set objectives
    • Maintain relationships
    • Manage NDIS planning and any other support
    • Enhance self-sufficiency and independence
    • Improve community participation

Why Choose Ability Track As Your NDIS Provider in Rowville?

When it comes to NDIS services, you want a provider that has everything that you need. Ability Track is one of the leading NDIS disability service providers in Rowville, offering a wide range of support programs for NDIs participants. These include a comprehensive range of in-home care services alongside psychosocial recovery coaching and support coordination, among others.

Choosing our services provides access to:

  • Expert NDIS support coordination and advice on making the most of your NDIS plan
  • Experienced NDIS support coordinators and psychosocial recovery coaches who can provide personalised services
  • The right support worker or caregiver to ensure a hassle-free experience
  • Unmatched support to live more independently and have more control over your NDIS planning
  • Professional assistance to help you effectively navigate the NDIS process, from start to finish

If you wish to know more about our NDIS psychosocial recovery coaches and support coordination services, please call us on 03 9120 8880 / 1300 115 110 or write to us at info@abilitytrack.com.au.