Trustworthy NDIS Service Provider in Cranbourne

The NDIS provides much-needed support to people with disabilities. The services provided by registered NDIS providers help them live as normally and independently as possible. They can pursue their interests and set objectives for themselves to better their lives. This support also extends to in-home care and mental health services as well.

As a leading NDIS service provider, Ability Track offers a comprehensive range of NDIS support to its clients in Cranbourne. We provide specialised support coordination to help participants make the most of their NDIS funds and plans. Our NDIS support coordination in Cranbourne is designed to guide you through the entire NDIS process, right from helping you understand your plan to connecting with various service providers to achieve your objectives.

NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coaching and Support Services

Part of our support program focuses on the mental health of the NDIS participants. Dealing with disabilities takes a toll on an individual’s mental state. They require support and words of encouragement to help them overcome these obstacles and get on the road to recovery.

Ability Track offers psychosocial recovery coaching in Cranbourne to help our clients maintain a positive attitude to life. Our coaches look after the mental well-being of participants and assist those with psychosocial disabilities. They are certified professionals who are adept at helping individuals conquer their fears and achieve their objectives.

A recovery coach from NDIS can help you in the following ways:

  • They create a recovery strategy plan for you
  • They focus on your needs and help personalise your plan
  • They recognise your uniqueness and make you feel empowered
  • They show you how to care for yourself
  • They facilitate engagement and coordination with different levels of support in your life
  • They offer NDIS planning assistance

You also have the option to work with a psychosocial recovery coach who has overcome similar problems. Having lived through the experience, they may be able to connect with you better and produce excellent results.

What Is NDIS Support Coordination and Why You Need One

The NDIS can be quite confusing to navigate for most participants. Even with help from their loved ones or caregivers, figuring out the right support or planning the most effective support system can be a challenging task. This is why an NDIS support coordination service exists.

As part of NDIS support coordination, the individual receives varying levels of assistance with the NDIS. Ability Track provides NDIS support coordinators who can help with two different levels.

  • Support Coordination Level 1: The first level primarily focuses on helping the participant understand the NDIS plan, the various supports available, the NDIS funding for services and connecting with the community in general. They are also introduced to NDIS service providers who can help with different support programs.
  • Support Coordination Level 2: This level builds on the first level of support coordination and helps an individual maintain relationships with different NDIS providers or the community. The participant will also receive support services that improve self-sufficiency and independence as much as possible.

Other than the above two levels, specialist support coordination is provided to NDIS participants who require specialised help in their daily lives. The needs of such people are much more complex and can only be provided by certain support systems.

Ability Track: Your Trusted NDIS Provider in Cranbourne

If you require NDIS support in Cranbourne, Ability Track can provide the best experience. We are a reputed registered NDIS provider that offers quality support programs to all participants. Our services are highly-customisable and designed to meet the different needs of our NDIS clients. The psychosocial recovery coaches and NDIS support coordinators in Cranbourne will help you live independently.

We provide:

  • Expert assistance with NDIS planning and strategy development
  • Personalised plans that have been optimised for your needs
  • Psychosocial recovery coaches to help you make a full recovery and deal with any challenges
  • NDIS support coordinators who can provide the most significant degree of attention and assistance with your plans

To know more about how the Ability Track team can help you, please contact our team today. You can call us on 03 9120 8880 / 1300 115 110 or write to us at