NDIS Support Coordination Specialist in Mount Waverley

Support coordination is an important aspect of the NDIS. It helps people with disabilities become acquainted with the NDIS program and the various support systems available to them. The NDIS can be quite confusing for first-time participants. Having an NDIS support coordinator greatly reduces stress and streamlines the process.

Ability Track is a registered NDIS provider that offers various support services in Mount Waverley. Our offerings are designed to help participants navigate the process and become familiar with the different systems in place. This allows them to have more control over their plans and live more independent lives.

NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coaching and Support Services

Ability Track offers a recovery coach for NDIS programs depending on the needs of the participant. Anyone with a psychosocial disability can get this support and begin their journey to recovery. It is fully funded by the NDIS and can be easily included in any plan.

Our psychosocial recovery coach in Mount Waverley is an NDIS-funded mental health professional. They have substantial experience dealing with such cases and can vastly improve your quality of life. Since every individual has unique requirements, they take the time to learn about your needs and assist you accordingly. These professionals can also help you access the appropriate resources and support to live a better life.

A recovery coach provides the following benefits:

  • Helps establish a relationship that supports a participant’s healing process
  • Access to mental healthcare for all-round development
  • A hands-on approach to help individuals overcome various challenges
  • Assists participants in NDIS planning and recovery plans
  • Coaching to improve decision-making through motivation and self-belief
  • Interaction with a more extensive support network
  • Supervision to better manage daily life and regain control over their lives
  • Develop a participant’s capabilities, including strengths and resilience
  • Create, implement and adjust a recovery strategy in collaboration with individuals, their families, carers, and support systems

NDIS Support Coordination Services in Mount Waverley

Our NDIS support coordinators in Mount Waverley will help you make the most of your plans. They will provide any assistance necessary to familiarise you with NDIS planning, fund management, and integrating the various supports you require to lead an independent life. With their help, your plan will reflect your needs and help you achieve the objectives you have set for yourself.

NDIS support coordination will help you:

  • Understand your plan and how you can use it to actively pursue your goals
  • Improve your ability to connect with the community and NDIS service providers
  • Build confidence and skills required to effectively manage your plans
  • Incorporate different support systems you require into your plan
  • Become more self-sufficient and take control over your life
  • Develop unique plans with specialist support coordination if you have complex needs

Why Choose Ability Track? What Makes Us Unique?

As a leading NDIS disability service provider, Ability Track offers excellent care and support to all participants in Mount Waverley. Our services empower them to live more independently and enjoy a better quality of life. Attaining your goals is much easier with our help. We are the preferred NDIS provider for many participants because we:

  • Provide a comprehensive range of NDIs services
  • Have professional NDIS support coordinators to help you make the most of your plan
  • Offer personalised support to meet your requirements through our psychosocial recovery coaches
  • Provide hassle-free experience from beginning to end
  • Have a compassionate team of support workers who provide unmatched care and support
  • Deliver expert care through a hands-on approach
  • Maintain transparent communication channels to ensure you receive the proper care you deserve

For assistance with NDIS support coordination or to learn more about our psychosocial recovery coaches in Mount Waverley, get in touch with our team. You can call us on 03 9120 8880 / 1300 115 110 or write to us at info@abilitytrack.com.au.