How to Find a Good NDIS Support Coordinator

Posted on March 9, 2023

A support coordinator’s role is to facilitate capacity building and assist with the implementation of any NDIS plan. They work to establish the appropriate support required to foster independence and help participants achieve their specific goals. As every individual is different, so are their objectives. As a result, the job of a support coordinator will always differ. A great support coordinator always

  • Observes the NDIS Code of Conduct
  • Is knowledgeable about the NDIS
  • Adapts their approach and is compassionate
  • Focuses on the participant’s objectives
  • Is completely self-sufficient
  • Works to ensure the success of an NDIS plan
Support Coordinations
An NDIS support coordinator assists in coordinating your support services and making the most of your NDIS funding. When a participant’s plan is approved, choosing a support coordinator is usually the first task. It is entirely up to you to choose which support coordinator you wish to work with. Your support coordinator will collaborate with your plan manager (if you have one) to ensure that you get the right benefits from your plan. You can request various levels of support coordination. An NDIS plan can include one of three levels of assistance:

  • support connection
  • support coordination
  • specialist support coordination

Participants can use NDIS support connections to connect with informal, community, and funded supports to help them achieve their goals. The type of support coordination included in your plan is determined by your objectives. It is critical to find an NDIS support coordinator you can trust and feel completely at ease with. They must have the necessary skills and knowledge to assist you. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you conduct your research.

  • Puts you first – A good support coordinator respects your choices and will collaborate with you to achieve the best possible outcome for your objectives.
  • Adaptable – They recognise that circumstances change and are willing to collaborate and adjust your support priorities as needed.
  • Not conflicted – It is important that your Support Coordinator has no ‘conflicts of interest’ when recommending support workers or service providers to you.
  • Dependable – A support coordinator must be dependable and available to assist when you require it. They are excellent communicators who keep you up to date on policy changes and new service providers that may be of interest to you.
  • Well-Informed – They are well-educated in various types of disabilities and have a thorough understanding of the difficulties that NDIS participants face. Furthermore, they understand your local service provider landscape and can recommend options to you.

Role of a Support Coordinator

A support coordinator’s role is to ensure a great experience for all participants. They will be working with you daily, so it is critical that you establish a good working relationship with them. Support coordinators can assist a participant with the following tasks:

  • Consider all mainstream, community, informal, and provider support options
  • Implement an NDIS plan, which may include assistance in identifying preferred options or providers
  • Gradually increasing a participant’s capacity to direct and manage their own supports
  • Managing your NDIS account and using the NDIS my place portal
  • Arrange for any assessments that may be required to determine the type and amount of funding required
  • Negotiate support services, construct service agreements and bookings with selected providers, revise provider service agreements, and assist participants in understanding their responsibilities
  • Assist in determining the budget for each type of assistance and informing plan managers about how the funds will be spent
  • Improve your access to mainstream or community services like education, health care, housing, and transportation. Also, help with housing and life transitions
  • Make certain that you receive the full value of your plan through the support you receive
  • Assist with plan reviews by looking at the progress towards the individual’s goals, new or revised goals, determining whether the goals have been achieved and troubleshooting any issues

 Ability Track: Your Reliable Support Coordinators in Melbourne

Finding the best NDIS support coordination services requires finding the right support coordinator. Ability Track is a trusted NDIS service provider in Melbourne that assists people with disabilities in achieving their personal goals. One of the primary roles of our support coordinator is to assist participants in their daily lives and put their NDIS plan into action. Our support coordinators will spend time discussing how best they can help you achieve your goals with the provided funds.

As previously stated, there are several advantages to support coordination, and selecting the right support coordinators is crucial. We can help achieve your goals with the NDIS funding provided. For more information about our NDIS support coordinators, you can contact the Ability Track team anytime. You can call us on 1300 115 110/03 9120 8880 or write to us at

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